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Like Water for Chocolate
Cinevista (1993)
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Drama, Romance
Mexico  /  Spanish

Lumi Cavazos Tita de la Garza
Marco Leonardi Pedro Muzquiz
Regina Torne Mama Elena
M. Martinez John Brown
Ada Carrasco Nacha
Claudette Maille Gertrudis
Yareli Arizmendi Rosaura
Pilar Aranda Chencha
Rodolfo Arias Juan Alejandrez
Farnesio DeBernal Cura
Regina Torné Mamá Elena
Mario Iván Martínez Doctor John Brown
Claudette Maillé Gertrudis
Farnesio de Bernal Cura
Joaquín Garrido Sargento Treviño
Mario Ivan Martinez
Margarita Isabel Paquita Lobo
Sandra Arau Esperanza Muzquiz
Andrés García Jr. Alex Brown
Regino Herrera Nicolás

Director Alfonso Arau
Producer Alfonso Arau
Writer Laura Esquivel
Cinematography Steven Bernstein; Emmanuel Lubezki
Musician Leo Brouwer; Annette Fradera
User Credit 1 Carlos Bolado; Francisco Chiu
User Credit 2 Carlos Brown

Based on the best-selling novel by Laura Esquival, this internationally popular romantic fable from Mexico centers on a young woman who discovers that her cooking has magical effects. The tale's heroine, Tita, is the youngest of three daughters in a traditional Mexican family. Bound by tradition to remain unmarried while caring for her aging mother, Tita nevertheless falls in love with a handsome young man named Pedro. Pedro returns her affection, but he cannot overcome her family's disapproval, and he instead marries Tita's elder sister. The lovestruck young woman is brutally disappointed, and her sadness has such force that it infects her cooking: all who eat it her feel her heartbreak with the same intensity. This newly discovered power continues to manifest itself after the wedding, as Tita and Pedro, overcome by their denied love, embark on a secret affair. Director Alfonso Arau, Esquival's husband at the time, presents the acts of love and cooking with the same glossy, sensual sheen. Indeed, despite occasional digressions into a magical realist tone, the film often takes on the gloss of Hollywood romance. This combination of traditional melodrama and exotic fairy tale proved extremely popular with audiences, particularly in the United States, where it became one of the highest grossing foreign language films at the time. — Judd Blaise

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Chapters 19
Release Date 1/12/2004
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Widescreen 1.85:1 Color
Subtitles English
Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround
SPANISH: Dolby Digital Surround
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
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Goofs: Anachronisms: At Esperanza's wedding to Alex Brown, the groom is shown opening a bottle of André Champagne, complete with plastic cork, in 1934 long before this product was available. (more)

Quotes: Rosaura: I don't know where Gertrudis got her sense of rhythm. Mother didn't like to dance, and Dad was a bad dancer. (more)

Awards: Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 18 wins & 8 nominations (more)