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Drop Dead Gorgeous
New Line Cinema (1999)
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USA  /  English

Kirsten Dunst Amber Atkins
Ellen Barkin Annette Atkins
Allison Janney Loretta
Denise Richards Becky Leeman
Kirstie Alley Gladys Leeman
Brittany Murphy Lisa Swenson
Sam McMurray Lester Leeman
Tara Redepenning Molly Howard
Amy Adams Leslie Miller
Shannon Nelson Tess Weinhaus
Mindy Sterling Iris Clark
Laurie A. Sinclair Michelle Johnson
Sarah Stewart Jenelle Betz
Alexandra Holden Mary Johanson
Brooke Elise Bushman Tammy Curry

Director Michael Patrick Jann
Producer Judy Hofflund; Gavin Polone
Writer Lona Williams
Cinematography Michael Spiller
Musician Sonny Curtis; Mark Mothersbaugh
User Credit 1 David Codron; Janice Hampton
User Credit 2 Mimi Melgaard

So how far would you go to win a beauty pageant? That's the burning question of Drop Dead Gorgeous, in which the citizens of Mount Rose, Minnesota gear up for the year's biggest event, the Sarah Rose Miss Teen Princess America Pageant, in which Becky Leeman (Denise Richards) and Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst) are the contestants to beat. Becky's mother Gladys (Kirstie Alley), a former beauty queen herself, has instilled in her daughter a drive to succeed at any cost. And Gladys will do anything to help Becky's chances of success. Amber's mother Annette (Ellen Barkin) is devoted to her daughter but drinks, smokes, and swears like a sailor. And while Amber is ambitious and a skilled beautician (a talent that she uses in her part-time job at the local mortuary), her view of the pageant is pragmatic: while boys can get sports scholarships, this pageant may be her only ticket out of town. However, Amber and the other contestants may have underestimated just how badly Becky wants to win — or just how good she is with a gun. Drop Dead Gorgeous was directed by Michael Patrick Jann, a founding member of the sketch comedy group The State (who had their own series on MTV), and written by Lorna Williams, a veteran of the beauty pageant circuit who claims that nearly everything in the film is based on an actual incident. — Mark Deming

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Barcode 794043492723
Region Region 1
Chapters 22
Release Date 2/2/2004
Packaging Snap Case
Screen Ratio Standard 1.33:1 Color
Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)
Subtitles English
Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 [CC]
ENGLISH: Dolby Digital Surround [CC]
Layers Single Side, Single Layer
No. of Disks/Tapes 1

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User Text 1 Irreverent and crude humor, sex-related material and language.
User Text 2 The battle between the good and the bad is bound to get ugly.
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Trivia: The mall parking lot Gladys' pulls into to pick up the dresses is Eden Prairie Center in Eden Prairie (not the Mall of America), the same mall that was used in Mallrats (1995) (more)

Goofs: Revealing mistakes: The explosion seen on the video camera is seen directly in front of the camera, yet the large piece of debris that falls center screen comes at a diagonal angle from the right. (more)

Rocker Kid #1: Hey, asswipe, quit dickin' with the camera!
Rocker Kid #2: Dude, don't say asswipe, Mom has the window open!

Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination (more)