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Meet the Parents - Special Edition (Fullscreen)
Dreamworks (2000)
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(2001 )
USA  /  English

Robert De Niro Jack Byrnes
Ben Stiller Gaylord 'Greg' Focker
Teri Polo Pam Byrnes
Blythe Danner Dina Byrnes
Nicole DeHuff Deborah Byrnes
Jon Abrahams Denny Byrnes
Owen Wilson Kevin Rawley
James Rebhorn Dr. Larry Banks
Thomas McCarthy Dr. Bob Banks
Phyllis George Linda Banks
Kali Rocha Flight Attendant
Tom McCarthy Bob Banks
Bernie Sheredy Norm the Interrogator
Judah Friedlander Pharmacy Clerk
Peter Bartlett Animal Shelter Worker
John Elsen Chicago Airport Security

Director Jay Roach
Producer Robert De Niro; Jay Roach; Jane Rosenthal; Nancy Tenenbaum
Writer Greg Glienna; Mary Ruth Clarke; John Hamburg; Jim Herzfeld
Cinematography Peter James
Musician Randy Newman
User Credit 1 Jon Poll
User Credit 2 Daniel Orlandi

In this comedy from Austin Powers director Jay Roach, Ben Stiller plays a young man who endures a disastrous weekend at the home of his girlfriend's parents. Greg Focker (Stiller) is completely in love with Pam Byrnes (Teri Polo), and views their upcoming trip to her parents' house on Long Island (where her sister is to be married during the weekend) as a perfect opportunity to ask her to marry him. Once Greg is introduced to Pam's parents, however, things stampede steadily downhill. Pam's father, Jack (Robert De Niro), takes an instant and obvious dislike to his daughter's boyfriend, lambasting him for his job as a nurse and generally making Greg painfully aware of the differences between him and Pam's family. Where Greg is grubby, relatively unambitious, and Jewish, Pam comes from a long line of well-mannered, blue-blooded WASPs. Things go from bad to worse in less time than it takes to spin a dreidel, with Greg incurring the wrath of both Pam's father — who, it turns out, worked for the CIA for 34 years — and the rest of her family, and almost single-handedly destroying their house and the wedding in the process. — Rebecca Flint

Edition Details
Barcode 025192546020
Region Region 1
Chapters 20
Release Date 12/14/2004
Packaging Keep Case
Screen Ratio Widescreen 1.85:1 Color (Anamorphic)
Subtitles French; Spanish
Audio Tracks ENGLISH: Dolby Digital 5.1 [CC]
FRENCH: Dolby Digital 5.1
Layers Single Side, Dual Layer
No. of Disks/Tapes 1

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User Lookup 1 DVD Original
User Text 1 Sexual content, drug references and language.
User Text 2 First comes love. Then comes the interrogation.
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Trivia: During the opening song by Randy Newman, the backup singers sing, "Look at the light coming out of the earth," while, onscreen, the Universal logo is displayed, which features lights coming out of the earth. Moments later, the backup singers sing, "Look at the boy sitting on the moon," while the Dreamworks logo is displayed, which is, of course, a boy sitting on the moon. The lyrics have nothing to do with the rest of the song. (more)

Goofs: Continuity: The bow on the top of Greg's gift during the trip to the Byrnes house. (more)

Jack Byrnes: I mean, can you really trust another human being, Greg?
Greg Focker: Yeah, I think so.
Jack Byrnes: No. The answer is you can not.

Awards: Nominated for Oscar. Another 7 wins & 13 nominations (more)