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Coupling - The Complete First Season
Warner Brothers (2000)
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Jack Davenport Steve Taylor
Gina Bellman Jane Christie
Sarah Alexander Susan Walker
Kate Isitt Sally Harper
Ben Miles Patrick Maitland
Richard Coyle Jeffrey 'Jeff' Murdock (2000-2002)
Richard Mylan Oliver Morris (2004-)
Sara Alexander

Director Martin Dennis
Producer Sue Vertue
Writer Steven Moffat
Musician Simon Brint
User Credit 1 Mykola Pawluk
User Credit 2 Caroline Pitcher

The naughty new comedy about nothing but...SEX!

Most people think about sex every six seconds. Shorten that to EVERY second and you've got Coupling. These people think about sex, they talk about sex, sometimes they even have sex. And they do it all in the most bizarre, hilarious fashion imaginable. Coupling features six thirty-something friends-involved, formerly involved, or looking to become involved with each other-in some of the funniest, most compromising and embarrassing situations ever presented on TV. Think the best bits of Friends, Seinfeld and Sex and the City rolled together in one hip, new comedy and you've got Coupling.

Episodes Include:
  • 1: Flushed
    Jane refuses to accept Steve's break-up until Steve asks out Susan, who has just broken up with Patrick, the lust-interest of Sally. Are they all "unflushable?" Ask Jeff.

  • 2: Size Matters
    Jeff explains "the sock gap," Steve checks out Susan's remotes, Sally checks out Patrick's size, and Jane defines sexual preferences in a new light.

  • 3: Sex, Death and Nudity
    Jeff initiates Steve and Patrick into the "giggle loop," while Jane and Susan and Sally swap dates for Jane's aunt's funeral.

  • 4: Inferno
    Susan has discovered Steve's "video collection." Jane brings her therapist to a dinner party, where the main topic is art vs. pornography.

  • 5: The Girl With Two Breasts
    Jeff has a torturous time chatting up a beautiful foreign woman, while Steve and Patrick discuss the merits of "breasts with brains."

  • 6: The Cupboard Of Patrick’s Love
    Steve is appalled, Jeff is excited, and Jane and Sally feel left out as everyone realizes that Susan must be among the stars of Patrick's video collection.

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    User Text 2 The naughty new comedy about nothing...but SEX!
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    Trivia: Director Martin Dennis provides most of the voiceovers required for the series. A few notable exceptions are "The Melty Man" (performed by Richard Coyle) and the radio announcer who introduces Jane in "Jane and the Truth Snake" (Ben Miles). (more)

    Steve: [to Jeff] When you say things like nudity buffer, you actually expect people to know what you mean?
    Jeff: Alright, when you first see a woman you like you have a buffer of about five minutes before you have fully mapped out what she looks like naked.
    Patrick: A full five?
    Jeff: You have to asses her nipple type and that takes time.
    Patrick: Oh yeah good point.

    Awards: 2 wins & 2 nominations (more)