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Primal Fear
Paramount Pictures (1996)
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Thriller, Mystery
USA  /  English

Richard Gere Martin Vail
Laura Linney Janet Venable
Edward Norton Aaron Stampler
John Mahoney John Shaughnessy
Terry O'Quinn Bud Yancy
Andre Braugher Tommy Goodman
Steven Bauer Joey Pinero

Director Gregory Hoblit
Producer Gary Lucchesi; Hawk Koch
Writer Ann Biderman; Steve Shagan

When an archbishop is savagely murdered, former altar boy Aaron Stampler (Edward Norton) is caught running from the scene of the crime and the media goes into a feeding frenzy over the sensational crime. This is just the kind of case that appeals to arrogant defense attorney Martin Vail (Richard Gere). Besides trying to figure out a defense for his client, Martin has one other problem. His ex-lover Janet Venable (Laura Linney) is the prosecutor, and she doesn't plan to lose. Just when Martin's case isn't looking too promising, some startling evidence is discovered. But he's not sure if it will help or hurt his client. Then, suddenly, an unlikely person confesses to the crime.

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