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Body Of Lies
Warner Brothers (2008)
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Thriller, Crime, Action
USA  /  English

Leonardo DiCaprio Roger Ferris
Russell Crowe Ed Hoffman
Mark Strong Hani Salaam
Golshifteh Farahani Aisha
Oscar Isaac Bassam
Ali Suliman Omar Sadiki
Alon Abutbul Al-Saleem
Vince Colosimo Skip
Simon McBurney Garland
Mehdi Nebbou Nizar
Michael Gaston Holiday
Kais Nashif Mustafa Karami
Jamil Khoury Marwan
Lubna Azabal Kala - Aisha's sister
Ghali Benlafkih Aisha's Nephew Rowley

Director Ridley Scott
Producer Ridley Scott; Donald De Line
Writer William Monahan; David Ignatius

Roger (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a CIA operative working in the Middle East finding terrorists who have bombed civilians. While working he finds inside information on the terrorist ringleader. With the help of Ed (Russell Crowe), Roger devises a plan to infiltrate the terrorist group. A struggle between the two men develops as Roger is in the field while Ed is pulling the strings in Langley, Virginia. Both men have a different set of morals they subscribe to and both are from completely different backgrounds which leads to trust issues. There is also the question of whether or not Roger can trust the government of Jordan who is aiding him in his mission.

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