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Dead Man
Buena Vista (1996)
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Drama, Western
USA  /  English

Johnny Depp William Blake
Mili Avital Thel Russell
Gary Farmer Nobody
Eugene Byrd Johnny Pickett
Gabriel Byrne Charles Ludlow Dickinson
Crispin Glover Train Fireman
Lance Henriksen Cole Wilson
John Hurt John Scholfield
Robert Mitchum John Dickinson
Billy Bob Thornton Big George Drakoulious

Director Jim Jarmusch
Producer Karen Koch; Demetra J. MacBride
Writer Jim Jarmusch
Cinematography Robby Müller
Musician Neil Young

William Blake (Johnny Depp), a down on his luck accountant from back east travels to the wild west with the promise of a job and hope for a better future. His trip is for naught as he quickly learns that there is no job to be had. In an act of desperation, Blake becomes a wanted and wounded killer. With no friends and nowhere to go, Blake is taken under the wing of a native man named Nobody (Gary Farmer) who sets Blake on the path toward self-preservation and discovery.

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