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The Mist
Dimension Films (2007)
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Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller
USA  /  English

Thomas Jane David Drayton
Marcia Gay Harden Mrs. Carmody
Alexa Davalos Sally
William Sadler Jim Grondin
Laurie Holden Amanda Dumfries
Chris Owen Norm
Andre Braugher Brent Norton
Nathan Gamble Billy
Toby Jones Ollie
Sam Witwer Wayne Jessup
Frances Sternhagen Irene
Buck Taylor Ambrose Cornell
David Jensen Myron lafleur
Kelly Collins Lintz Stephanie Drayton

Director Frank Darabont
Producer Frank Darabont; Bob Weinstein
Writer Frank Darabont; Stephen King
Cinematography Ronn Schmidt
Musician Mark Isham

Everything seems fine in a small Maine town. A spring lightening storm has just passed through leaving behind a seemingly harmless mist over the lake. Dave Drayton (Tomas Jane), Billy, his five-year-old son (Nathan Gamble) and friend Brent Norton (Andre Braugher) take a trip to the grocery store. On their way shopping they encounter law enforcement and military personnel heading towards the lake. Not seeing anything to cause alarm, the shoppers continue on their errands. However, once inside the grocery store, strange things begin to happen. A violent shaking envelopes the store. The shoppers are trapped as the mist from the lake covers the store. Soon, they realize that unspeakable horrors are lurking in this mist. The shoppers fight amongst themselves with some blaming God and others blaming the Army. This movie is based upon a Steven King short story by the same name. It will scare even the most seasoned horror film junkies.

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