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What Happens In Vegas...
20th Century Fox (2008)
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Comedy, Romance
USA  /  English

Cameron Diaz Joy McNally
Ashton Kutcher Jack Fuller
Rob Corddry Hater
Lake Bell Tipper
Jason Sudeikis Mason
Treat Williams Jack Fuller Sr.
Deirdre O'Connell Judy Fuller
Michelle Krusiec Chong
Dennis Farina Richard Banger
Zach Galifianakis Dave the Bear

Director Tom Vaughan
Producer Arnon Milchan; Shawn Levy
Writer Dana Fox
Cinematography Matthew F. Leonetti
Musician Christophe Beck

Two New Yorkers, irresponsible Jack Fuller (Ashton Kutcher) who just lost his job and Joy McNally (Cameron Diaz) who was just dumped by her boyfriend by chance spent together a careless weekend in Las Vegas. After the short vacation things should go back to normal when they discover two matching wedding bands on their fingers the product of a drunken night. While gambling on the slot machines Jack with Joy’s quarter wins the jackpot. Or was it the other way around, they can’t decide who won the money. They don’t want to share the money and go for divorce. But the judge won’t approve the divorce. He gets the winning money frozen and they get six months of force wedding to try the old fashioned married life.

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