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Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Genius Products (2008)
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Adventure, Science Fiction, Action
USA  /  English

Rick Schroder Jonathan Brock
Victoria Pratt Martha Dennison
Peter Fonda Edward Dennison
Steven Grayhm Abel Brock
Mike Dopud Sergei Petkov
Jonathan Brewer Wakinta
Simon Baker Rescuer
Ken Kirzinger Big Guy
Elyse Levesque Emily
Richard Side Solomon Smith

Director T.J. Scott
Producer Lisa Richardson; Matthew O'Connor
Writer William Gray; Thomas Baum

journey to the center of the Earth is a TV telefilm and is based on the novel with the same name writeen by Jules Verne. The action takes place in 1870 and the movie starts with the rich heiress called Pratt(Martha Dennison) waiting for Schroder(Jonathan Brock), an archeologist who proves to be a hero. Pratt wants to find her missing husband called Edward Dennison(Peter Fonda), who got lost while searching for a passage that, according to the legend, leads to the center of the Earth. Brock accepts to join Pratt mostly for the money and they travel to Alaska together with Abel(Steven Grayhm), his nephew and with Sergei(Mike Dopud), another explorer. After traveling a lot they find the passage they were looking for but they find there a prehistoric world with creatures for Ice Agebut in the end of the film they manage to find him.

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